Are you looking for a way to earn extra income or searching for a full-time home-based business?  Then you are in the right place! 

Adapt-A-Life's plan is simple, but it does require a little effort on your part.  This is not a get-rich-quick scheme; this is the real thing!  We founded Adapt-A-Life to be the absolute best nutritional company out there providing premium products and an excellent marketing plan!


You have two separate and distinct opportunities to become involed with Adapt-A-Life. Both allow you to purchase the products at wholesale prices.

Enrollment Options 

Wholesale Consumer

A $10 enrollment fee enrolls you as a Wholesale Consumer. A WC cannot sell, sponsor or collect additional bonuses or commisions from Adapt-A-Life.

Independent Business Associate

A $59 enrollment fee enrolls you as an IBA. In addition to receiving the wholesale prices on products, the IBA is eligible to retail products, and participate in the company's network marketing or multi-level residual program by sponsoring additional WCs and IBAs. The IBA earns bonuses and commissions based on the Business Volume of the WCs and IBAs in his organization.

When an IBA enrolls a WC , the IBA receives 100% of the available commissions, (full payout of the marketing plan) on the product with the highest BV. No upline commissions will be paid on that particular product.

When an IBA enrolls another IBA with an initial order or EZ order, the IBA receives a $25 bonus.


Retail Sales

The IBA is encouraged to retail the product to generate immediate revenue. The mark-up from wholesale prices to suggested retail is over 33%. For example, a bottle of XL20, which wholesales for $28, can be sold at a suggested retail price of $45. Selling just 10 bottles a week nets the IBA $160. That is annualized profits of over $8300.

With Adapt-A-Life, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself! 

 Building Your Own Home Based Business

You, as an IBA, may choose to enroll others as WCs or sponsor other IBAs.  Here's how you are rewarded by enrolling others:

j0408954II. Basic Level Bonus

Level              Payout      EZ Order 

First Level         7%           $25.00 

Second Level     7%           $50.00 

Third Level        7%           $50.00 

Making the required purchase for each level qualifies you for the corresponding payout on that level. A $25.00 EZ Order qualifies you for 1st level bonuses only. A $50.00 EZ Order qualifies you for all three levels of the Basic Level Bonus.

II. Builders Bonus

Title                         TWV             Bonus           EZ Order Required     IBAs Enrolled

Pearl                      $1000             2.5%              $100 EZ Order                 1        

Black Pearl             $2000              5%                $100 EZ Order                 2        

Blue Pearl               $3000             7.5%             $100 EZ Order                 3         

Golden Pearl           $4000             10%              $100 EZ Order                 4         

Sapphire                 $5000            12.5%            $100 EZ Order                 5         

Black Sapphire        $7500             15%              $100 EZ Order                 6         

Blue Sapphire         $10000          17.5%            $100 EZ Order                 7        

Golden Sapphire      $15000            20%             $100 EZ Order                 8         

Ruby                       $20000           22.5%           $100 EZ Order                 9         

Emerald                  $25000             25%            $100 EZ Order                10        

**Home Office Trip**

The Builders Bonus is based on your Total Wholesale Volume (TWV) and the TWV of your first level distributors. For example, an Emerald is eligible for 25% TWV Bonus less the achievement level of his 1st level distributors. A Black Sapphire is eligible for a 15% Bonus. Assuming the Black Sapphire is on the Emerald's first level, the Emerald will receive a 25% bonus less the 15% bonus of the Black Sapphire's TWV. Each "leg" will earn a different percentage of bonuses based on the achievement status of the first level distributor involved.j0428011

III. Achievers Bonus

Title           Bonus        TWV Required

Bronze         4%             $25,000      

Silver           4%             $50,000      

Gold             3%             $75,000     

Platinum       3%            $100,000    

**Hawaii Trip / Alaska Cruise**

The Achievers Bonus is paid when you have a Ruby promoted to Emerald. A promoted Emerald will earn you a mininum of 4% and a maximum of 14% on his TWV. If your TWV is $50,000 you will earn both the Silver and Bronze bonus, or 8%. If you are a Silver and have a first level Bronze who breaks an Emerald, you will earn 4% on the new Emerald's volume, as will your Bronze.

j0433192IV. Leadership Bonus

Title                          Bonus          TWV Required

Diamond                      2%               $125,000  

Double Diamond           2%               $200,000  

Triple Diamond             2%               $300,000  

**Diamond Ring**

The Leadership Bonus is paid when you have a Platinum promoted to Diamond. Promoted Platinums will earn you a minimum 2% bonus to a maximum 6% bonus on that Platinum's TWV. For example, as a Double Diamond you would earn 4% on the first promoted Platinum on any individual level. If you are a Double Diamond who has a first level Diamond who promotes a Platinum, then you and the Diamond would each earn 2% on the new promoted Platinum's TWV.

V. Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing is a part of Adapt-A-Life's TWV paid to those who have a Double Diamond promoted to Triple Diamond. Each promoted Triple Diamond (in separate legs) qualifies you for one share of the Profit Sharing for that month. Your number of shares is unlimited, but is dependent upon the number of promoted Triple Diamond.

**Rolex Watch**

**Other Incentives and Bonuses**

3 consecutive months at the Emerald level qualifies a distributor for an all expense paid trip to the home office and manufacturing facility.

3 consecutive months at the Platinum level qualifies the distributor for an all expense paid trip to Hawaii or an Alaska Cruise.

3 consecutive months at Diamond qualifies a distributor for a Diamond Ring.

3 consecutive months for the Profit Sharing earns the distributor a Rolex Watch.

Compensation Plan Rules

1. A distibutor may be promoted any time during the month.

2. Volume of both WC and IBAs will count in TWV calculations.

3. All percentage payouts are paid on the BV of the product.